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Founder & Director

Stephanie Taunton

Hi I’m Steph. I am a Certified MNU Nutritionist and personal trainer with over six years industry experience.

I’ve helped my clients to achieve their goals, do things they never thought possible and see the value in looking after themselves through nutrition and exercise. Since a young age, I have always loved participating in sports like volleyball, hockey and oz tag, but my true calling was dancing where I stayed committed for 21 years of my life. Health and physical activity was always important to me but many years ago it fell by the wayside and I went through my own personal battles with weight gain. I couldn’t understand why this was happening , unbeknown to me that my diet was sub par, I found success in tracking and learning about food. 

My main motivation behind becoming a personal trainer stemmed from my own experiences and felt an overwhelming desire to help others feel the same way I did after losing weight, getting strong and getting my overall health in check.  After a lengthy amount of time spent as a personal trainer, I realised that my other true passion was nutrition. So I committed to further my learning and educate myself on science-based Nutrition practices to better understand nutrition and the body in order to get clients even better results.

From experience I understand that eating habits can be one of the hardest things to transform, that’s why I am completely committed to helping you achieve a healthy balance with food to sustain long lasting results.  

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